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Automatic Cars: What to Avoid Doing While Speeding on Highways

If you are an owner of an automatic car, chances are that you might be making a few grave mistakes while handling your vehicle.

Here are seven things to avoid while driving on a highway at high speed. 

Shifting Gears When The Car Is Running

This causes your transmission components to change direction rapidly, wearing out the gearbox at an astounding pace. 

A Mercedes-Maybach S650 car.

A Mercedes-Maybach S650 car.


It is, therefore, advisable for one to make use of their breaks. Some people often shift into Park mode without pushing the brakes, which is also bad for the gearbox.

Additionally, such a move can affect the transmission of your car.

The parking gear is not meant to work, instead of brakes. It is meant to hold the car still while it is parked. Thus, you should never switch to Park mode before an automatic car stops completely.

Keeping The Fuel Tank Low

An automatic car largely depends on fluid pressure to run properly. Fuel also helps a vehicle’s engine and other elements to stay cool and lubricated.

A car’s engine wears out much faster if you continuously keep the tank low on fluid.

Further, contaminants or foreign particles may settle at the bottom of your car’s fuel tank over time if the fuel tank is empty.

Driving Down A Slope on Neutral Mode

Such an action will not let you accelerate the car except for slowing down as it cuts the oil supply.

A Range Rover Velar in a show room

A black Range Rover Velar in a showroom


This will make the transmission not get the proper lubrication for smooth operation and results in significant wear and damage. 

Reduced control over the car can also be dodgy, especially when you need to react quickly.

Never Drive Without Warming The Engine

This is a blunder most motorists make when the weather is cold. As a result, Oil thickens and moves slowly. 

Under this scenario, always give the fuel a minute to run into the transmission and all of its parts.

Additionally, if you fail to warm the gear and start driving at high speed from the beginning, it will lead to severe internal damage.

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